Chinchilla Housing Requirements – Make a Palace for Your Chinchillas !!!

Well actually, try to do your best for the comfort, safety and happiness of your chins!

Chinchilla housing requirements are essential for their safety, health and happiness. Treat their house like you will house babies inside and you want them to be safe and happy. Try not to make big changes to their cage all the time. They have difficulties to adopt and need time. However, make changes as the time past so to keep them busy, excitement and happy with their magnificent curiosity! Try to refreshing some accessories and wood pads as they will become old, dirty and useless. Their cage bedding is also important to absorb chinchillas urine. However, DO NOT use chinchilla bedding made from cedar or undried pine, as they have aromatic oils, which can damage the respiratory tracts of chinchillas and cause liver problems.

Chinchilla Environment Requirements

Chinchilla housing is not the only factor you should consider. You must have or find the best and the most suitable environment to house your chinchilla. Find the best place – room to place their cage. Chinchillas cannot be put in direct sunlight because of the possibility of overheating. Room Temperature should never be more than 24 Celsius. Chinchillas ideal room temperature is 10-15 Celsius and they can survive temperatures as low as zero. Humidity should be lower than 70%. They should also be kept away from windows and radiators. They sleep at day so they need a quite dark (not completely dark) place. They have difficulties to adopt and need time. Chinchillas are nervous and they can easily be stressed. This place must be quiet as much as possible so they can rest and sleep at day. Your bedroom is normally considered not suitable, because at night is when they play and you sleep. Try to have a clean environment. Cleanliness in your housing area is probably the best prevention of many diseases. Mustiness in the air may indicate mold and not enough air circulation and maybe not frequent cleaning. They need frequent cleaning and disinfection, every 2-3 days, the cage, the water bottle, the food dish, dusters and maybe some other cage accessories.