Safe Treats For Chinchillas

Chinchillas are cute creatures. They are playful, entertaining and full of energy; they are masters at begging for treats. Watching chinchillas munch their treats is fun and enjoyable. They look so happy when they are eating and when they are done they beg for more.

Commercial chinchillas treats sold in stores should be avoided. They are loaded with chemicals, fats and sugars which can cause digestive issues and rot your chinchilla’s teeth.

These treats can be purchased either at a grocery store or at online chinchilla stores. When you buy treats from the pet stores make sure they are free from pesticide, animal waste, any other chemical or pollutant.

Unlike other rodents, chinchillas have sensitive stomachs and may easily become ill if fed the wrong type of treats, so they need to be put on a healthy treat.

You can start treating chinchillas from the first arrival to your home. This is done to help them get used to you and the new environment.

You can go a long way towards improving the overall chinchillas’ well being by being educated about your pet needs.

There are a different number of treats you can give to your chinchilla to get used to your presence.


Safe treats that your chinchilla will love

Dried rose hips: Dried rose hips are very safe treats for chinchillas and can be offered daily to maintain good health and prevent diseases. These are one of the best treats for your chinchillas that are rich in fiber and vitamin C; they also contain a good amount of bioflavonoid, citric acid, zinc, vitamins A, D and E. Give your chinchilla a hip each day both as a treat and a dietary supplement.

Herbs: You can buy dry herbs or dry them at home and serve them as safe treats to your chinchilla. Herbs such as dried dandelion roots, dandelion leaves, rosemary, hibiscus, parsley, strawberry, blackberry leaves can be offered several times in a week in small quantities in the size of a tablespoon.

Dried Fruits: Dried fruits can be offered as treats once in a week this include dried apple, dried banana, dried papaya, dried pineapple, dried mango, and Goji berries.  Just because they are safe doesn’t mean they can be given at once give only one to two pieces a week. Give them sparingly because they are high in sugar and can in turn cause harm to the health of your chinchilla.

Raisins and dried Cranberries:  These are chinchilla’s favorite treats but should not be given more than once or twice a week because they are very high in sugar up to 70%. Chinchilla’s diet should be made up of no more than 4% sugar.

Fresh Fruits: Fresh fruits as apples can be given as treat in a small size as that of a raisings. Strawberries and pears can also be given sparingly as a treat. Be careful not to give too much fruit as it can lead to bloating.

Dried Vegetables: Veggies are also a very good option for treats; these include dried sweet potato, dried carrots, and dried sweet peppers. These vegetables should be given dry because they can cause diarrhea.

Yogurt Chops Treats: Yogurt chops can be offered once a day in small sizes. These kinds of treats are very high in fats and sugars. They should be given with precaution because too much of these can cause health issues such as diarrhea, seizures, gastrointestinal impactions, tooth decay, pancreatitis and bloating can all lead to death.

Apple Wood Stick: Chinchillas love to chew. Chewing is not only enjoyable but it helps in keeping their teeth healthy. This is also a great and safe treat for chinchillas which acts as a chew toy. You can offer one apple wood stick per day.

Mountain Ash Berries: These are other favorite treats that chinchillas love to munch on. They are packed with health boosting anti oxidants and lots of fiber. Chinchillas can eat up to three mountain ash berries per day.

Nettle Leaves: These are healthy organic treats for chinchillas. They are packed with many health boosting properties that can cleanse chinchilla’s kidneys and naturally increase their energy levels.

Giving your Chinchilla Hay as a Treat: You may also consider giving your chinchilla hay as a treat. It’s important to offer your chinchilla unlimited amounts of clean grass hay such as Timothy, Orchard; they are both safe treats that are a high source of dietary fiber for chinchillas.

Unhealthy Treats to avoid

Feeding chinchillas with wrong treats can cause much more serious health problems than diarrhea; other health problems include bloating, digestive disorders, liver damage and tooth decay.

Avoid giving your chinchilla’s unsafe treats which include avocado, cabbage, meat, rabbit pellets, processed carbohydrates, chocolate, etc.


Choosing Safe Treats for Your Chinchillas

Chinchillas love to be treated, but this should be done occasionally probably thrice a week. There are a variety of treats from pet stores that a chinchilla would love.

Treats should only be offered after the chinchilla has eaten its daily food. It’s your responsibility as a caretaker to know when enough is enough.

Moderation is a very important aspect when treating your chinchillas. Don’t give too many treats because your pet may refuse to eat its regular healthy food. Simply treat them from time to time especially when the chinchilla has eaten its daily food.

  • Feeding your chinchillas will be an easy and enjoyable task if you follow the safe and healthy treats as required. Do not treat your chinchilla just like any other rodent and feed it what you would feed your rabbit or guinea pig.
  • Put in mind that no matter which chinchilla treat you go with, make sure it’s of high quality and ensure that it comes from reputable farmers, pet stores and online stores.
  • You can also request a list for a safe chinchilla treat from your vet instead of always having to call to check with them.
  • It’s advisable to check with your veterinary before giving any new treat, this way your vet can advise if there any known threats that are potential to your new treat.
  • Lastly, remember to take it to the veterinary whenever it does not show normal behavior and needs to be monitored closely. This will ensure that your pet has a long comfortable and healthy life.