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Chinchilla Guide For Proper Chinchilla Care

Chinchilla Guide tries to enrich its content almost every day, and the goal is to continue to learn and research to expand and share the knowledge of this wonderful species so they can continue to thrive in captivity.

Chinchilla Fur Protest

We are completely against to fur industry. We are against in any way to animal killing for his fur. There aren’t exist “no torture”, “friendly”, “humanely treat”, “acceptable”, “painless”, “appropriate”, “preferred”, and “recommended” methods, as they all have the same result, killing an animal just for his fur. We say that this is sick, abnormal, unsavory, sadistic and at least INHUMANE. Fur industry should never exist as our society, culture, technology and modern life does not need furs. Wearing a fur does not save or make better your life or your health. Almost none on this world has a need for fur. Those who need and must have, because is a matter of survival, know how to find and make one. They do not have the need of the fur industry that results to million killings every year just for hanging fur coats at shops and closets.