Can Chinchillas Eat Almonds?

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Can Chinchillas Eat Almonds: Nuts are a superfood that is rich in Vitamins, & Minerals including Potassium & Magnesium. They are also high in protein and fats along with some trace amount of fiber in it. Some of the popular nuts include Peanuts, Almonds, Brazil nuts, Cashew, Hazelnuts, Pinenuts & more. But are all these nuts safe for our chinchillas? Can chinchillas eat nuts? Let’s find out!

Can Chinchillas Eat Almonds

Nuts are high in fats and carbohydrates, while chinchillas need a high fiber and low carbs diet. Although nuts contain a lot of good vitamins and minerals in them, it is best to avoid serving nuts to our chinchillas. A small feeding may not harm our chinchillas much, but it is best to keep it away altogether.

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Can Chinchillas Eat Almonds (Cashews, Pine and Brazil Nuts)

chinchillas have a sensitive digestive system that cannot digest complex carbohydrates and fats adequately. Since nuts are rich in high carbs and fats, chinchillas might have a tough time digesting the same. Some chinchillas also suffer from digestive issues when fed foods like this.

Some of the common complications that can be found in such chinchillas are diarrhea, bloating, GI Statis, and more. So, now that you know chinchillas cannot eat nuts, you might be wondering what you should do if you already fed some to your chinchillas, or you might be interested in learning more about its hazards. So, I would recommend you to keep reading our article till the end to know more about it.

What Kind Of Nuts can Chinchillas Eat?

No, chinchillas cannot eat any kind of nut. Although all the nuts are a vegetarian source of Vitamins and Minerals, they are not suitable for our chinchillas. Your chinchilla might suffer from a lot of health issues if we feed them nuts to them, thus make sure you avoid it altogether.

Can Chinchillas Eat Almonds?

No chinchillas cannot eat Almonds. Eating almond nuts causes major intestinal troubles to these cute pets.

Nutrition in nuts?

In order to understand why nuts are not healthy for our chinchillas, we must first understand it’s basic nutritional values. The following table breaks down the nutrients in different types of nuts:

NutrientAlmonds(28 grams)Cashew(28 grams)Pistachio(28 grams)Hazelnut(28 grams)Brazil Nut(28 grams)Pecan(28 grams)
Calories160 Kcal163 Kcal159 Kcal178 Kcal157 Kcal196 Kcal
Protein6 g4.72 g5.89 g4.24 g5.16 g2.6 g
Fiber3 g0.924 g2.88 g2.75 g0.936 g2.72 g
Calcium59.9 mg12 mg30 mg32.3 mg10.5 mg19.8 mg
Iron1.08 mg1.69 mg1.13 mg1.33 mg1.89 mg0.717 mg
Magnesium80.1 mg76.4 mg30.5 mg46.2 mg82.8 mg34.3 mg
Phosphorus150 mg149 mg131 mg82.2 mg168 mg78.5 mg
Potassium200 mg177 mg282 mg193 mg187 mg116 mg
Sugar1 g1.4 g2.17 g1.23 g1.68 g1.12 g

Chinchillas most of their dietary needs are fulfilled by feeding hay to them, the rest is provided by serving vegetables and pellets. Nuts contain a large number of fats and carbohydrates in it; however, it lacks fiber and other essential nutrients. Thus, feeding nuts to our chinchillas can lead to obesity and other health issues in our chinchillas.

Some studies also suggest a high-fat diet can lead to some serious health problems like fatty liver, dysfunction of large arteries, etc. Thus, make sure you avoid feeding nuts to your chinchillas.

What if I already fed nuts to my chinchillas?

If you have already fed nuts in the past, then it might be possible that your chinchillas have digested them somehow, but it definitely was not a pleasant experience for their digestive system. Until and unless you have fed one or two small pieces, it could not have affected them much. However, if you have been feeding them nuts regularly, then remember that it might harm your chinchillas health in the longterm as well.


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