Chinchilla Needs for Proper Care, Maintenance

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Chinchillas make great pets, but they also need to be handled with proper care. Having an exotic pet like chinchillas requires you to learn their needs and find out the best ways for supporting them practical and emotional so they can continue to thrive in captivity and their new environment. Good and proper care for your chinchilla is the most essential thing you can do and that promises healthiness and longevity for your chinchilla. Factors, like the environment, their cage and diet are very important. Learn, understand and respect what a chinchilla needs and try your best for his safety, health and happiness.

Chinchilla Needs

Are Chinchillas Good Pets for Beginners

Chinchilla Cage, Environment and Food

Room Temperature should never be more than 24 Celsius. Chinchillas ideal room temperature is 10-15 Celsius and they can survive temperatures as low as zero. Humidity should be lower than 70%. Preferably 40-60%. In addition, they should be kept away from windows and radiators and the cage should not be put in direct sunlight. The environment they live should not have too much noise. They need and must have peace and quiet from morning hours until afternoon, as they are nocturnal so they can rest undisturbed. They are quite prone to stress and this lead to health problems. Chinchilla needs big cages so he can run and move around. They need toys and supplementary cage furniture, which we explain to Housing category.

Chinchilla needs about food is quite basic but it depends on quality of the food brands you will find and choose. They need food – pellets and hay – and fresh water every day as they also need supplementary kind of food, vitamins and minerals, for their health which we explain to Feed category. Give them treats but not too many, 1 each day is more than enough, and try to give most healthy treats. Chinchillas love routine and relax to it, so try to feed them around the same time each day. They need frequent cleaning, every 2-3 days, the cage, the water bottle and the food dish. They need dust bath at least 2-3 times per week.

How Much Time Should You Spend With Your Chinchilla

Chinchilla Communication and Emotional Needs

As we already said, the environment they live should not have too much noise as they are quite prone to stress and this lead to health problems. Chinchillas are nervous and they can easily be stressed if they do not be handled as they should. Handle them gently and remember that they are very curious and they want to explore everything! Therefore, they want to escape from your hands to move around the house and this is perfectly normal. This is an absolutely healthy behavior. Some chins they never get liked to handle them. Remember every chin has its own personality! NEVER but never hit a chinchilla!!! He will not understand. He will be scared of you. He may be hurt that way.

Chinchillas in order to come close to you remember one thing: Communication! Speak to them, the more you do it the better for both of you to create a nice and steady relationship! Speak to them gently, happily and not too loud. There is no quick route to be friends with your chinchilla so never try to rush him. You must try to build up a trusting relationship by learning each other and this takes time and patience from both of you. Understand and leave your chinchilla to settle into his new home and also in a totally new environment, which it will take some time, so he can also adapt to you.

Chinchilla Needs – Conclusion and Advises

Chinchillas are very calm and emotional. They can come close to you quite soon but the opposite effect is also quite easy to become true if you not follow its needs and desires. Chinchillas are very smart and they have good memory. This means that it will take a lot of effort and time to prove them that you actually love them! So watch out for your behavior to them. Your nerves, yelling and wrong moves toward them could be the end of a friendship forever… Be careful when you handle them. Handle them gently and do not try to squeeze them. They have tiny bones and this could lead in a serious accident like a broken leg.

  • Try to understand them and they will try to understand you too!
  • Talk to them and they will talk to you too!
  • Take care of them and they will take care of you too!
  • Love them and they will love you too! 

Chinchilla needs are essential and you must serve these, in order to keep them healthy and happy! Actually, you will be glad to fulfill not only their needs but their desires too! Because they will give you so much!!!


I have made this blog for sharing whatever I learned in my journey in the past couple of years so that you people can take advantage of the same. In this blog, you will discover numerous supportive tips to take care of your exotic petss, their sustenance diet, habitat, and so on.

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