What are the Best Cage Accessories for Small Pets like Chinchillas?

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The best cage accessories for small pets can vary based on the species you have, but here are some general accessories that work well for various small pets:

Best Cage Accessories for Small Pets like Chinchillas
  1. Bedding: Soft, safe bedding is essential for many small pets like hamsters, guinea pigs, and rabbits. Options include paper-based bedding, aspen shavings, or fleece liners.
  2. Hideouts/Shelters: Small animals often like to have a private space to hide or sleep. Houses, tunnels, or small shelters made from wood or plastic are great choices.
  3. Chew Toys: Many small pets, particularly rodents like rabbits, hamsters, and rats, have teeth that continuously grow. Chew toys made from safe materials like wood or hard plastic help keep their teeth worn down.
  4. Exercise: All small animals need plenty of exercise to stay healthy and happy. A good exercise wheel is a must-have for most small pets, but you can also provide other forms of exercise, such as climbing structures, tunnels, and playpens.
  5. Exercise Wheels or Balls: For animals like hamsters and mice, an exercise wheel or ball provides an outlet for physical activity and mental stimulation.
  6. Perches and Climbing Structures: Birds and some rodents enjoy climbing. For birds, natural wooden perches of different sizes are ideal. Small platforms or ladders work well for rodents like rats.
  7. Food and Water Containers: Look for sturdy, spill-proof bowls or containers suitable for the size of your pet. Some small pets might benefit from food puzzle toys that make them work for their treats or food.
  8. Toilet Areas: Some small pets, like rabbits and ferrets, can be litter trained. Providing a designated area with a litter box filled with appropriate litter material can help maintain cleanliness.
  9. Enrichment Toys: Interactive toys like puzzle feeders, tunnels, hanging toys, and foraging toys can keep small pets mentally engaged and prevent boredom.

Best Cage Accessories for Small Pets like Chinchillas

Sl.NoChinchilla Cage AccessoriesPriceBuy
1.Chinchilla Cage$303.99Check Price
2.Wooden Platforms$16.99 ($16.99 / Count)Check Price
3.Water Bottle$13.44Check Price
4.Hay RackCheck Price
5.Timothy Hay$10.62 ($4.25 / lb)Check Price
6.Dried Chamomile Flowers$19.93 ($1.25 / Ounce)Check Price
7.Fleece for Cage Floor$8.98 ($0.60 / Sq Ft)Check Price
8.Chinchilla Hide$9.98Check Price
9.Chinchilla Bath$14.10Check Price
10.Chinchilla Dust$10.99 ($0.27 / Ounce)Check Price
11.Apple Wood Chew Sticks$15.98 ($0.91 / Ounce)Check Price

Check Price
12.Chinchilla Running Wheel$119.99Check Price
13.Temperature/Humidity Gauge$9.99Check Price
14.Chinchilla Pillow$17.77Check Price
15.HammockCheck Price
16.Chinchilla Carrier$25.99Check Price
17.Cooling SlabCheck Price

Additional Tips:

Here are some additional tips for choosing cage accessories for small pets:

  • Think about the size of your pet. Make sure the accessories you choose are the right size for your pet. A small exercise wheel that is too small for your guinea pig won’t be much fun, and a large hideaway that takes up half of your hamster’s cage will be cramped.
  • Consider your pet’s personality. Some small animals are more active than others. If you have a hamster that loves to run, you’ll need to provide a larger exercise wheel than if you have a guinea pig that prefers to nap.
  • Choose safe materials. Make sure all of the cage accessories you choose are made from safe materials that your pet can’t chew on or swallow.
  • Clean the cage regularly. Cage accessories can get dirty quickly, so be sure to clean them regularly to keep your pet healthy.

Final Words:

Always ensure that accessories are made from safe materials and are appropriate for your pet’s size and behavior. Regularly clean and inspect these accessories to ensure they remain in good condition and pose no hazards to your pet.


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