5 Best Chinchilla Hideouts (Tunnels, Tubes, Wood Houses, DIY)

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Best Chinchilla Hideouts: Chinchillas are the very protective pets. In the wild, chinchillas spend a lot of time hiding from the other wild predators. Domestic animals don’t have that worry, but they still retain the desire to hide and feel safe. Here are some ideas for Chinchilla hideouts.

chinchilla hideouts

A hiding place is an essential item for your Chinchillas cage. If you have more than one piggy (and that’s always a good idea, since they’re herd animals by nature), you should have one hideout for each pig. You can choose from many options, either store bought or made at home. Here you can check the best chinchilla Hideouts (Tunnels, Tubes, Wood Houses, DIY).

Why Chinchillas Need Hideouts?

Security: Hideouts provide small pets with a sense of security and safety. In the wild, small animals are often preyed upon by larger animals, and having a place to hide is essential for their survival. Even in a domestic environment, small pets can feel threatened by loud noises, sudden movements, or unfamiliar people. A hideout can give them a place to retreat when they feel overwhelmed or scared.

Temperature regulation: Small pets are sensitive to temperature changes. In hot weather, a hideout can provide a cool and shaded place to escape the heat. In cold weather, a hideout can help a small pet conserve body heat.

Rest and sleep: Hideouts provide small pets with a dark and quiet place to rest and sleep. Small pets are crepuscular, meaning they are most active at dawn and dusk. During the day, they need a place to sleep undisturbed. A hideout can help them get the rest they need.

Stress reduction: Stress can be harmful to small pets’ physical and mental health. Providing them with a hideout can help to reduce stress levels. When they feel stressed, they can retreat to their hideout and feel safe and secure.

Overall, hideouts are essential for the health and well-being of small pets. They provide them with a safe place to sleep, rest, and escape from stress. If you have a small pet, be sure to provide them with multiple hideouts of different sizes and shapes. This will give them the variety they need to feel comfortable and secure in their home.

#1 Chinchilla Tunnels

Although tunnels are primary something for chinchillas to run through, many chinchillas like to hide in them as well. Other small animals usually enjoy them as much as chinchillas do. Ware Fun Tunnels For Small Animals are solid colored, and longer than the Fun-Nel pieces, so it’s hard to tell if the piggies are in one of those tunnels unless you pick up the piece and feel the weight of a chubby chinchillas body.

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#2 Bendable Sticks

You can buy flexible sticks that twist into different shapes suitable for a Chinchilla or other pocket pet to use as a hiding place. Some are plain, and some are a little fancier. For example, Super Pet Tropical Fiddle Sticks are brightly colored and are also flavored to encourage chewing. They come in multiple sizes to accommodate all pocket pet types, from tiny to large. All stick toys need to be replaced if your pet chews them down far enough to expose the underlying metal structure.

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#3 Chinchilla Igloo

This item is suitable not only for rats but also for chinchillas ferrets and small guinea pigs. it is made from high quality material and is semi rigid because the sides and base are partially padded with foam. it can therefore either hang up or be used freestanding on the floor.

Chinchilla Igloo, often know as “pigloos,” are a favorite hiding spot for many chinchillas. Chinchilla Igloos are sturdy and easy to clean since they’re made from Foam. You can buy them in various colors to match your cage. If you have larger or smaller pocket pets, you can buy them in sizes to accommodate everything from a mouse to a chinchilla to a bunny. The only downside to pigloos is that some chinchillas and other pocket pets chew them. If yours is one of them, you’ll have to replace the pigloo periodically.

You may have problems if you have a dominant cavy that bullies its cage mate. Pigloos have only one entrance, so a mean chinchillas can trap its cage mate inside if it wants to be nasty. Avoid this by cutting a hole in the back of the pigloo to make a second entrance/exit.

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#4 Wood Houses

You can buy cute wood houses in various styles as a hiding place for your Chinchilla. Wood is an earth-friendly renewable resource, and it’s also attractive to Chinchillas who like to chew. Like pigloos, wood hiding houses come in different sizes, so they’re suitable for any pocket pet. They’re especially good for chewing species, but you’ll need to replace the house periodically if you have a critter that likes to do carpentry work.

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#5 DIY Hideouts

Although there are plenty of options in the pet store, you can make some fun hideouts for your Chinchilla with materials you have around your home. For example, like cats, Chinchillas love hiding in paper bags. You can also use old oatmeal containers or cereal boxes that you tear apart and prop up in an A-frame shape. Let your Chinchilla have fun with these items, and pitch them when they get soiled or chewed. The great thing about these hiding spots is that they’re free, and you can find them around your house.

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Where do Chinchillas like to Hide?

Yes, chinchillas like to hide in hideouts like tunnels, tubes and wood houses in their cages and moreover they are good climbers but not definitely the best one out there. They can climb short steps, stairs, tunnels, and even ramps, although they need a mild slope to climb up and down. chinchillas can climb higher surfaces so they can watch the surrounding environment. This is quite a natural behavior as you can expect from any animal in the wild. Although it might depend upon chinchillas personality. While some are curious and love to explore others prefer to live and roam around in flat surface only. They can climb short inclines to reach the higher surface. They even love to jump above their cage-mates from higher surfaces, just for fun.

Can chinchillas use Tubes?

Yes chinchillas like tubes to hide inside them. They are good at hideout games and mostly like to have tubes, tunnels and other hideouts in their enclosures.

Do Chinchillas Like Tunnels?

Yes, chinchillas can climb on tubes provided it is placed at an angle of 20-40 degrees. Anything larger than that can be a trouble for your chinchillas.

How to make chinchilla Tunnels and Tubes safe for them?

Making a safe Tunnels for your chinchilla is crucial. Here are some essential tips you can use to create a safe Tunnels for your chinchilla:

  • Use natural material which is not harmful to chinchilla
  • Made with anti-pill fleece fabric, making this the comfiest tube for your pet and durable!
  • The fleece is machine washable as well as able to be dried on a low heat setting.
  • This allows you to get the most use out of your tube cover
  • Cuddle tubes give pets a place to hide, sleep, play, and chill. It’s very rare that my chinchilla isn’t in his tube! All equipment needed to mount the tube is included.


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