What kind of toys do chinchillas like to play with?

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What kind of toys do chinchillas like to play with: Chinchillas are not so active animals like other Exotic Pets but they do enjoy playing with a variety of small pet toys available in the online markets and pet stores. Some of the toys that are enjoyed by Chinchillas are tubes, tunnels, hammocks, chinchilla chew toys, chinchilla sleeping couch, etc. So, There are a variety of small pet toys we can choose from when it comes to offering the same to your Chinchillas.

what kind of toys do chinchillas like to play with

Playing with toys is one of the most favorite time passing for small pets like chinchillas and hamsters. Toys are one of the most important pet supplies for chinchillas. Since Chinchillas are smart pets so they will need regular mental stimulation to keep their mental health strong. On this page you can check about What kind of toys do chinchillas like to play with in their habitats and cages.

What kind of toys do chinchillas like to play with?

​There’s a lot of chinchilla toys on the market, but unfortunately, the majority of the chinchilla toys are not safe. Chinchilla toys need to be free from plastic, wires, strings and other materials. Do not buy the chinchilla metal wire hay balls. These products have caused significant and substantial injury to small pets like chinchillas. Also, do not buy the large chinchilla ball. Large chinchilla balls are known by breeders as, “Death Balls” and it’s for a reason. What kind of toys do chinchillas like to play with?

What kind of toys do chinchillas like to play with

These chinchilla balls do not provide adequate ventilation or air flow, which will cause chinchilla to very easily overheat. They also have the tendency to urinate inside of them, which will make them chinchilla run around in their own waste and get stuck in their fur.

Last, but not least, everybody questions about chinchilla exercise wheels.  Wheels can actually be very detrimental to a chinchilla’s health.  The reason being is because chinchillas don’t know when to stop.  This in turn creates a high probability of overexertion, which causes blood sugar crashes, seizures, and stunted growth.

If you want a chinchilla wheel make note that all wheels sold in pet stores are not chinchilla-safe.  Chinchillas don’t walk, but rather hop.  Wheels in pet stores are too small, made of plastic, or made of metal that has wire mesh.  There’s a motto in the breeder world in regards to exercise wheels and that motto is, “Having no chinchilla wheel is better than having an unsafe wheel”.

Chinchilla Exercise wheels need to be a minimum of 14”, all metal design, solid metal running surface, and attach directly to the cage.  If the chinchilla wheel does not meet these minimum requirements, the wheel is not safe and should not be used.  Chinchillas that are less than 6 months of age should not have a wheel.  Once again, it’s because chinchillas in this age bracket are unable to regulate their blood glucose and are more susceptible to hypoglycemia, which will cause seizures.

Exercise wheels are ultimately considered a luxury item.  Some chinchillas will use them while others won’t.

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